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Edco Scarifier Repair Parts

Edco Scarifiers - Fix Them Up!

Buy Edco concrete scarifier repair parts and get that concrete planner moving fast again!

Concrete scarifiers really take a beating when used heavily on any job site location. Edco gas and electric scarifiers are built very tough, but even the regular daily wear and tear on cutters and shafts on your drum will also take a toll on many of the internal components of the scarifier. Split or bent cutters, bent or worn cutter shafts and even bad bearings on your scarifier cutter drum is a typical issue to encounter. Simply buying the right repair parts can save you thousands of dollars annually rather than a new scarifier purchase. Another very common call we get is for is for the dust recovery system the pairs perfectly with these grinders. These vacuums have filters that must be monitored to get optimum vacuuming power. Simply inspecting your pre-filters and HEPA filters monthly with help save year after year.

The gas engine health of your Edco scarifiers is important as well. Many Edco gas scarifiers that are belt driven. Note that there is no a need to buy a blade shaft, costing a lot of money, when an inexpensive belt can fix the issue. Call in now to speak with one of our Edco technicians to find out all about it.

Edco Power Trowels - Smooth!

Get your concrete power trowel spinning fast and without vibration on your next pour!

Operating an Edco concrete gas trowel saves time and money on any job site. There is nothing worse than not being able to smooth your concrete out where and when you want it. Most of the time this happens because your trowel is not spinning at the proper speed or the spider assembly may have a bend causing vibration when troweling. Be sure to keep an eye on the health of your trowel blades too. Cleaning and transporting the cement trowel properly each time after use and even a monthly inspection of the mechanical parts is always a great idea to increase the life span of your machines.

Contractor Note: The Edco electric power trowels are considered the most reliable and wide distributed models on the market. Call now to hear more about these excellent products.

The EDCO Company History

The EDCO history dates back to 1959. It all started in a rental store along with the employees Leo Swan and Ed Harding. While dealing with customers daily they noted that their customers had reoccurring problems when resurfacing uneven concrete floors. The issue was that back then the ways to level and smooth concrete floors were limited to using your hands or big and bulky buffing machines. They thought of a way to help their customers and in turn created the modern day concrete floor grinder as we now know it.

News of the concrete grinder’s existence spread, customers demanded the product all over the country and wait times for the floor grinder swelled. Now, with this grinder as the main cornerstone, Leo and Ed started the Equipment Development Company, or EDCO. Today, the Swan and Harding families still own and operate the EDCO corporation, offering a wide array of products.

EDCO products are proudly made in the USA. They believe in the major principles any good manufacturer should follow: TRAINING cause always provide the knowledge needed to be successful with EDCO products, QUALITY and SAFETY to make both as they practice lean manufacturing and create their products inside one modern facility, TECHNOLOGY because EDCO invests in many manufacturing and training technologies, AMERICAN MANUFACTURING because they say EDCO products “Stayed In America” - While other manufacturers move over seas and back when it is convenient for them. They believe in the importance of staying home and working smarter with Edco’s commitment to American manufacturing.

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